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The capitol police in Madison have created a new web site that gives details and information about the protests in Madison from there prospective.  It's a good source for news for Walkerville residents.

John Nichols talks about what's up next for Wisconsin in The Nation.

The breaking news: One Wisconsin Now has obtained documents showing that 12 current Republican members of the State Senate are forcing you to pay the cost for their private membership in one of the nation's most powerful and influential corporate policy outfits - the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Record crowds of supporters and opponents flooded town hall meetings throughout southeastern Wisconsin on Tuesday to hear Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan defend his plan to trim government savings — including controversial changes to the Medicare program.

Chatter is that Scott Walker wants legislators to give him power to declare a fiscal emergency in a local government and take it over - - an anti-democratic power grab dreamed up in Michigan that now gives the governor there the authority to void public sector labor contracts and bar elected officials from taking office for up to ten years.

Statement from Kucinich on his grilling of Walker yesterday.

I joined 1,300 people in the Barrymore Theater last night. This crowd needed absolutely no assistance in warming up. While we waited for start, one audience member in the front in green face paint and a fright wig, stood up to lead the chant “This is what Democracy looks like”, while a cowbell waving member clanged along.

Nice map -- go take a look.

Nice interactive timeline of the protests, bills, and mayhem in Wisconsin.

The recall drives in Wisconsin, where Democrats are seeking to throw Republican state Senators out in a backlash against Gov. Scott Walker's newly-passed law curtailing public employee unions, are picking up further steam -- with local Dems saying they might already have enough signatures to recall GOP state Sen. Randy Hopper.

Judge Maryann Sumi issued a declaration that the anti-union law is not a law because the Secretary of State never reached the point of publication of the law in the official newspaper of record. This is the relief requested by District Attorney (DA) Ismael Ozanne after the Legislative Reference Bureau (LRB) posted a link to the Legislature's website with the anti-union law that the GOP then claimed constituted publishing of the law sufficient for the law to take effect.

An interesting summary of the 8 Republican Senators up for recall, and the various ways they are propping up Walker's agenda.

Here’s the headline: the Wisconsin Republican Party has issued an Open Records Law request for access to my emails since January 1 in response to a blog entry I posted on March 15 concerning the role of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in influencing recent legislation in this state and across the country. I find this a disturbing development, and hope readers will bear with me as I explain the strange circumstances in which I find myself as a result.

Just as spring break was starting, the largest protest in Wisconsin’s history was taking place March 12 on Capitol Square. One of the speakers there was a member of the farmer’s union who had come to talk about the importance of staying involved in government.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his Republican cohorts in the legislature have some explaining to do. The rookie governor rose to national fame after picking a bare knuckled political fight with Democrats over union rights. He showed up on our radar when he illegally sent in the Wisconsin State Patrol (WSP) to search for the Democratic state senators who had fled to Illinois.

First the protest, now a court ruling is blocking Scott Walker's assault on collective bargaining rights. Whatever it takes

A new study shows that the proposed Walker budget will slow the economic recovery of the state and cost more jobs than expected.

An estimated 21,843 jobs will be lost over the next year or two as public agencies and workers are able to spend less in their communities, said Steven Deller, a professor of applied economics who studied the ripple effects of Walker's budget-repair bill and two-year budget proposal.

David Prosser is a partisan. Started out as an aide to a Republican congressman. Went on to serve as a Republican district attorney. Then as a longtime Republican assemblyman. Eventually became speaker of the house. Was appointed to the officially nonpartisan Supreme Court by his friend Tommy Thompson, both a reward for Prosser's years of labor for their party and salve on the wound opened when he lost his bid for a seat in Congress to a TV anchorman.

Governor Walker’s first budget is breathtaking.  It upends more than a generation of environmental progress in the name of saving money – even though it adds hundreds of millions of dollars in new highway spending.  Local units of government are left virtually powerless to provide environmental protection programs at the local level because the budget prohibits virtually any increase in the local property tax.  Here is a rundown of the major provisions:

MADISON (WKOW) -- The Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs says the 2011-13 budget proposed by the governor would endanger the Veterans Trust Fund.

In a letter to Governor Scott Walker released Monday, Secretary Kenneth Black said Walker's budget plan would "not provide additional support to ensure the solvency of the Veterans Trust Fund."

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald wrote this afternoon in an email to his caucus that Senate Dems remain in contempt of the Senate and will not be allowed to vote in committees despite returning from their out-of-state boycott of the budget repair bill vote.

"They are free to attend hearings, listen to testimony, debate legislation, introduce amendments, and cast votes to signal their support/opposition, but those votes will not count, and will not be recorded," wrote Fitzgerald, R-Juneau.

In another sign that the Wisconsin GOP’s quick passage of the bill to roll back bargaining rights is only causing the fight to escalate, Dems have now collected over 45 percent of the signatures necessary to hold recall elections for eight GOP state senators, the Wisconsin Democratic Party tells me.

The former head of the Division of Water in the state Department of Natural Resources said rollbacks of clean water regulations in Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed budget could put the state in violation of federal laws.

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