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It seems like this started forever ago, but it was actually just back in February.  After all the protests, and running around with clipboards, and pots and pots of coffee, it's election day.  Today is the day that Wisconsin tries to take back democracy.

You can follow along on the updates at our sister blog, Uppity Wisconsin.  As to this web site, we're not really certain where it's going - more soon.

The other day I realized I had a bunch of pictures from Madison during the first days of the protests in February. I never actually did much with these, so I thought I'd put them up here as a slideshow.

Quick Note --- The Recall Harsdorf campaign is trying to make a big push over the next few days to gather signatures.  Time is running out, and there's a big need for volunteers to collect signatures, process them, and do multiple other things.  If you have some time in the next few days (and even if you don't) you can helpt to improve our state by heading over to Harsdorf's part of the state and volunteering (Dunn, Burnett, Pierce, Polk, and St. Croix counties).  More information is always available at

What a loong night.  At the moment I'm sitting here waiting to here the absolute official word on the vote for Supreme Court Justice. Officially Town of Lake Mills has not reported their vote, but it seems like there is no way that Prosser can still pull this off based on Lake Mills. 

This morning, Circuit Court Judge Sumi issued a temporary restraining order, blocking the publication of the union-busting budget repair bill on the grounds that it may have been passed in conditions that violated the state's Open Meetings Law.

Hello again.  I've been in Chicago for a week at a web developer conference, and so things on this site have slowed down a little.  But I'm back, and things will pick up again.

A lot of furor was unleashed yesterday over a section in the budget repair bill regarding humane societies and donations of dogs to animal research. Much as I am happy to blame Scott Walker for things he's actually done, this isn't one of them.

Life will be a little slower on this site this week.

First off -- at the moment we're featuring the video feed from Madison done by The Uptake.  We'll be featuring video from them as it is available, either live or in a library, during the next few days as they've started coverage from Madison again.

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