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Election Day is Here!

It seems like this started forever ago, but it was actually just back in February.  After all the protests, and running around with clipboards, and pots and pots of coffee, it's election day.  Today is the day that Wisconsin tries to take back democracy.

You can follow along on the updates at our sister blog, Uppity Wisconsin.  As to this web site, we're not really certain where it's going - more soon


The StarvingEyes Advergaming company hopes to set your blood boiling for Election 2012. That is the sort of furor that created “Tea Party Zombies Must Die,” a delirious slay-fest of Tea Party intelligentsia amidst the background of the Fox News studio. Many note that while the video game may add to the level of public amusement, it does little to help public discussion. See it here: Kill conservatives in Tea Party Zombies Must Die video game.

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