You may be wondering what has happened with this site.  We're at the moment letting it run more or less on autopilot.  I'm devoting a lot more time to Uppity Wisconsin, and to other work and political projects, and the immediacy of changes in Madison seems to have slowed down.

It seems like this started forever ago, but it was actually just back in February.  After all the protests, and running around with clipboards, and pots and pots of coffee, it's election day.  Today is the day that Wisconsin tries to take back democracy.

You can follow along on the updates at our sister blog, Uppity Wisconsin.  As to this web site, we're not really certain where it's going - more soon.

The other day I realized I had a bunch of pictures from Madison during the first days of the protests in February. I never actually did much with these, so I thought I'd put them up here as a slideshow.


See video

Bonobo Secret Handshake

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revisiting the effort to recall Harsdorf, and looking forward to the vote.

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John Nichols speaks about socialism and his new book, The "S" Word.


This is a great time line of the protests that have happened in Wisconsin.

This is a growing list of links to calendars on other sites that will help you keep track of events around the state.

Information on ongoing boycotts against supporters of Scott Walker.

List of official recall pages and resources for politicians.

These are various links to other sites that are working on covering the budget repair bill, the budget, Scott Walker, and related topics. Crypto trading has become a common business strategy used by many people to manage their finances. Several crypto robots such as the bitiq are available to increase the efficiency of trading. Take the bitiq app test to understand how these auto trading platforms can be helpful.   More coming soon.

This is the Legislative Fiscal Bureau summary of the effects of the Budget Repair Bill - note that this tells a very different story than Scott Walker does.

List of links to schedules for buses.

These are some links to resources on how you can help to provide food and drinks to the army of people protesting in Madison.

Ian's will take phone orders for pizza and deliver it.

Straight2yourdoor will take orders online for other kinds of food and  deliver it.  Order from any of the restaurants, and for an address say 2 E Main St., Madison, WI - and for the Apartment number enter "Protest".


January 7, 2012 - 10:00am
April 3, 2012 - 8:00am - 9:00am