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About Those Puppies

A lot of furor was unleashed yesterday over a section in the budget repair bill regarding humane societies and donations of dogs to animal research. Much as I am happy to blame Scott Walker for things he's actually done, this isn't one of them.

The law about the donation of dogs for animal research already exists.  Humane socieities, dog pounds, and other such institutions are allowed to donate stray dogs for animal research. You may hate that, but it's already on the books.  The only thing that the budget bill changes was a slight technical correction to accommodate the proposed split of the University of Wisconsin system - that is, the only change to the bill was to add University of Wisconsin, Madison to the list of schools which may receive the dogs.

There's plenty of real stuff for which we can hold Walker accountable. Let's not waste effort on things that are just the result of not reading carefully.

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