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Blog Talk Radio Show starts 2/24/2011

Well -- it's been crazy.  I spent most of last week driving back and forth to Madison, participating in the rallies, and trying to cover them on Now I'm back, and have been spending most of my time working on the new Solidarity Wisconsin web site.

Part of the new web site will be a Blog Talk Radio show, which we hope to run daily during the week, at least while things in Madison are still hopping - and this shows no sign of dying down any time soon. Tomorrow at 10 AM Central we will have the first of these Internet Radio shows.  There's a new page for the show, and you can call in tomorrow after 10 AM at (619) 393-2854 .  To listen to the show, go to the page on the web at . The first show will be a joint venture between Uppity Wisconsin and the amazing Blue Cheddar, and Blue Cheddar will be your host, direct from Madison.  Let's face it, the first show is likely to be a little rough, but we'll work things out.  Call in, ask how things are going in the capital.

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