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Rally to protect the American Dream

At noon on Saturday there will be 66 rallies across the country to protect the American Dream. These are rallies in support of labor rights, and the rights for workers being fought for in Wisconsin.  You can participate in the rally here:

These rallies are being sponsored by a large group of organizations, including:    

    Daily Kos,

Progressive Change Campaign Committee,

Jobs with Justice, National People's Action, 1Sky,, Center for Community Change,, Courage Campaign, CREDO, Common Cause, Keystone Progress, People for the American Way, Progressive Majority,, United States Student Association, Green for All, American Rights at Work, Apollo Alliance, , Working Families Party,, Energy Action Coalition, Media Matters Action Network, Partnership for Working Families, Sierra Club, Campaign for America's Future, Campus Progress, Job Party, Living Liberally, Progressive Future, HCAN


Plus, of course, us.


During the rallies the rally page will carry live blogging from across the country, as well as some live video.  This will be a great day to show support all across the country for workers in Wisconsin and the rest of the country.


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