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AFL-CIO sends Scott Walker cease and desist order

As first reported by The Atlantic last week, earlier this month Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s staff posted the photo below to his Facebook page, with the caption, “The Governor received this sticker from a union shop in Sheboygan.”

Image courtesy The Atlantic (click for full size)

Shortly after the photo was posted to Facebook, the AFL-CIO alleged copyright infringement and demanded that Gov. Walker remove the photo from his Facebook page. “We checked with all of our people and there is no one actually with the AFL-CIO who sent him that,” AFL-CIO spokesman Eddie Vale said in a statement.

Here’s the text of the cease and desist letter the AFL-CIO sent to Gov. Walker, who immediately removed the above image from his Facebook page.

It has come to our attention that the Facebook page of “Governor Scott Walker, Public Figure” contains a photograph with both the name and logo of the AFL-CIO, which purports to be an endorsement by the AFL-CIO of Governor Scott Walker. A copy of the photograph is attached to this letter.

The AFL-CIO wants to make it very clear that it in no way endorses or supports Governor Walker. In addition, the AFL-CIO certainly does not endorse or support your unauthorized use of the AFL-CIO’s name or any of its marks. This letter is to demand that you, Governor Walker, and those acting on your behalf, must immediately cease and desist from any and all unauthorized uses of the AFL-CIO name and marks, or risk legal action.

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