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Fred Dooley, proud member of the "hate right"

Yesterday Fred Dooley of “Real Debate” Wisconsin posted a version of the AFL-CIO solidarity poster riddled with bullet holes (pictured below) and asked readers who constitute the echo chamber at “Real Debate” to caption the image.

It’s worth noting that this is the same Fred Dooley who is so fond of labeling those of us on the left who dare to voice opinions contrary to Fred’s as “The hate left,” and this is the same Fred Dooley who’s been preaching about the importance of civility while simultaneously criticizing the supposed incivility of some on the left.

I’m not entirely sure how Fred Dooley thinks that posting an image of the AFL-CIO “solidarity” fist riddled with bullet holes is either civil or not hateful, but it seems pretty clear to me that Fred’s finally embracing his standing as a member of the hate right here in Wisconsin.

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