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In Solidarity We Train

A show of support and an important message from Wendy Strout, Executive Director of Emerge Wisconsin:
In February, when Scott Walker openly declared his war on Wisconsin's working families, Emerge Wisconsin released the following solidarity statement:

Emerge Wisconsin Stands in Solidarity with Organized Labor

As over 175,000 nurses, teachers, emergency responders, state municipal and local workers lose their rights to collectively bargain today, Emerge Wisconsin stands in solidarity with organized labor. We vow to continue fighting right alongside working families across Wisconsin to take our state back from the tyranny of Walker, the Fitzgeralds and their rubber stampers.

In Solidarity and in response to both the attacks on Wisconsin and the motivation of Democratic women across the state stepping up to say "I can do better; I want to be part of taking Wisconsin back," Emerge has moved our training up to start this September 2011 instead of January 2012, our regular start date.

Our application process opens up THIS Friday, July 1st and will remain open until July 29th.

If you are a Democratic woman or know a Democratic woman ready to take our state back by running for office, please contact us. Or on July 1st, go to our website ( and look for the application online. Whether she is interested in running for state or local office, Emerge wants to train the Democratic women who are ready to take back our state!

In Solidarity,
Wendy Strout
Executive Director
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