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Walker To Celebrate American Sweat Shop

This is what Scott Walker has envisioned for all of us:
Heussner’s whistle-blowing is of particular embarrassment to his employer because Governor Scott Walker is about to visit in a 45th Anniversary Gala on Thursday, July 28. Not only will Scott Walker grace Opportunities Inc. with his presence, he will proclaim July 28 as Opportunities Inc. Day in the State of Wisconsin.

Heussner describes a workplace where minimum wage workers have no hope of advancement out of their “temporary” status, where one single fan fails to cool hot workers on an assembly line below, where there’s no holiday pay even for Christmas, and a public free clinic has to fill in for health benefits because the employer won’t give them. During Thursday’s “Gala” event “temporary” employees who have worked there for years will stay home with a little less money. It’s an unpaid day off.

Walker promised Wisconsinites he’d deliver 250,000 jobs during his term. Ladies and gentlemen, these are the kinds of jobs Walker celebrates. Are these the sort of jobs Wisconsin needs? Are these the jobs his voters had in mind?
You can read the rest of this compelling story at blue cheddar.

There has been a lot of talk regarding when Walker should be recalled.  One faction has been considering postponing the recall until later in 2012 because that would supposedly give the Democrats the upper hand in number of voters that would be coming out to the poll.

This story shows why we should not and can not wait.  Even though historical patterns might show that Democrats have a distinct advantage, we are talking about real people who are being hurt by these malicious and maleficent laws.  There is no ethical way to justify letting people suffer for another six months or a year before we take action.  To delay would make the Democrats no better than the Republicans who caused this unholy mess.

Besides, given the pain that people are already feeling, I seriously doubt that the old patterns won't matter next year.

When the Green Bay Packers play the Chicago Bears, sports announcers and sports buffs say that past games and records don't matter.  They say this because the rivalry between these two teams is so strong and the players are so motivated to win that almost anything can happen (and often does).

I think that this effect will be seen in Walker's recall.  The anger, the pain and the Wisconsin tradition of wanting our freedom and our rights intact will carry the day.  Even though the spring is what is normally considered a strong time for the Republicans, I think both sides, Republicans and Democrats, are underestimating our motivation to put the state back on the right path and off of Walker's road to hell.

I am really looking forward to VW (Victory Wisconsin) Day.
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